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These FREE selections from the Illustrated ICB and the NASB Bibles are not just samples, they are complete Stories and Books so that you and your children can enjoy or study the Bible at home, church, or school direct from these web pages.

The Gospel of John Jonah's Story David and Goliath Gideon
ICB- The Gospel of John. (86 pages)
ICB- Jonah (8 pages)
ICB- 1 Samuel 17:1 to 17:56 (7 pages)
ICB- Judges 6:1 to 7:23 (7 pages)

God Calls Samuel
The First Christmas
Paul is Shipwrecked
ICB- 1 Samuel 3:1 to 4:4 (3 pages)
ICB- 1 Kings 17:2 to 18:42 (9 pages)
NASB- Luke 1:1 to 2:20 (10 pages)
NASB- Acts 27:1 to 28:5 (8 pages)

Peter's Arrest
The First People
Joseph is Sold to
NASB- Acts 8:4 to 9:31 (9 pages)
NASB- Acts 11:1 to 12:25 (9 pages)
ICB- Genesis 2:4 to 4:15 (6 pages)
ICB- Genesis 39:1 to 45:15 (27 pages)

Moses' birth Moses' crosses the Red Sea

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ICB- Exodus 2:1 to 2:22 (6 pages)

ICB- Exodus 14 (5 pages)


Two boys
The Gospel of John Jonah's Story Jonah's Story David and Goliath Gideon God Calls Samuel Elijah