Too old for a Bible Story and too young for an all text Bible?

According to Child Evangelism Fellowship:

"85% of all Christians accepted Christ before the age of 14."

Ask yourself, "What Bible will my child want to read, understand, and remember?

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The Complete Old and New Testaments are in the "PDF / Cd / Book" format of the illustrated Bible.

The new Bible that SPEAKS to Kids!

Introducing the only "illustrated Bible Video" Series

   Each 1 hour video has over 300 illustrations, music, and an actual Scripture Translation narration. You may purchase a hard copy DVD that we will mail to you for $14.95. (It will play in any DVD player or computer with a DVD player program or App). Or download one $5.95. The download will be an MPEG-4 (.m4v) and can be converted, at no cost, into a DVD

   PC: Download the "Freemake Video Converter" for free, from the internet and follow the very simple, illustrated PC directions in a PDF on this website.
   MAC: Download the "iDVD" for free, from the internet and follow the very simple, illustrated Mac directions in a PDF on this website.

Reproduction restrictions
   When you have received your hard copy DVD or .m4v download, make up to 6 copies for free (including the FREE ones) and hand them out to anyone in your church, school, family or friends. Please, keep your distribution LOCAL and you may NOT SELL them. You may download JPGs of all the labels if you want to gift these Videos. Print as many labels as you like. You will be helping us spread the Gospel

Video (Movie) or PDF/CD (Book)
   The PDF/CD is the complete Old or New Testament and is every page in the print Bible books exactly as you see on the FREE illustrated Bible Selections page. They can be read in a PDF reader in your computer. (A PDF reader can be downloaded from the Internet for FREE.) It has all the Bible text without alteration but you have to read it. You can read and navigate easily at your own pace. There is no movement or music. Click HERE to see examples.

The 32 Videos (Movies) have the exact scripture read to you (Narration) with music transitions and over 300 illustrations per 1 hour video. (Over 10,000 illustrations in all 32 Videos which are all the Historical Narrative or story type books of the Bible. See the store page for the list. The camera moves over the still illustrations and zooms in and out, and pans across to hold anyone's interest. You may jump forward or back to any chapter or pause just like any DVD. Click HERE to see a clip.

Language and Translations
   We created the Video series because printing various Translations or
Languages of an illustrated Bible costs tens of thousands of dollars to produce, print, store, and distribute. But there is very little cost to insert a different Translation or Language into a Video and make it available for download. This is very important to the less developed world mission field where any cost for a Bible, (especially when most of the adults can't read) is prohibitive. (There are about 2,000 of those languages). We provide illustrated Bible Videos in the Languages of those mission fields for FREE.
   We understand that those who can afford an illustrated Bible Video would like to have the Text be a Translation that they are familiar with and in their own language. We will be continuing to offer as many of those languages and Translations as we can acquire the “Rights” to.

Sunday School
   Slash your curriculum budget. These videos can be used by any age in conjunction with purchased curriculum or your own curriculum--year after year.

About Us
   We use the word “FREE” because the FREE illustrated Bible Selections page has complete stories (Not samples to get you to buy something but complete selections for you to study and share for family devotions or Sunday School.) A total of 200 actual pages from the illustrated Bible will always be there. We are supplying missionaries for FREE, the tools (The illustrated Bible videos in their own language.) to reach children and adults for Jesus Christ through the true Word of God, not just a story from the Bible.
   These illustrated Bible Videos (movie DVD), (PDF / CD), and Print Books are part of the Neely Press Illustrated Bible Series.

Contributors and Copyrights

   Video narration by Dale McConachie.
   Audio production by Dale McConachie, Hear Book Audio
   Art and Layout Copyright© 2006 Neely Publishing LLC.
   Keith R Neely, David Miles, Roberta Neely
   James Balkovek, Kevin Davidson, Thomas Zuber
   Bridget Harlow, Bruce Weeks

   Translation: The New American Standard Bible (NASB) translation Copyright© 1960, 1962, 1963, 1968, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1975, 1977, 1995 by The Lockman Foundation La Habra, CA. All rights reserved.

   International Children's Bible® (ICB)
Copyright© 1986, 1988, 1999 by Tommy Nelson™, a division of Thomas Nelson, Inc. All Rights Reserved

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